Our cars are subject to certain regulations:


  • A night-rate +20% applicable from 8 pm to 8 am.
  • Car  & minivan for disposal minimum 3 hour
  • 140€ per hour  for car and minivan and 270€ for limousine
  • Driver’s meal 25€ (+ Night Hotel 150€)
  • Tolls, car parks etc, are the responsibility of the customer.


The driver cannot refuse to give you a receipt for the amount of the fare. Do not hesitate to ask him.

This must include the following information: Company number, place of pick-up and deposit of the customer, date of the fare, pricing applied, additional prices if any.

However, it is not a payment advice. If you need one, tell the driver.

Delays and cancellations:

Waiting time in case of delay: 15 min max. Beyond that: 1h will be invoiced.

Mandatory deposit on the day of the reservation: 30%.

Cancellation less than 72h in advance: 50% will be invoiced.

Cancellation less than 48h in advance: 100% will be invoiced.

No show: 100% will be invoiced.